Strengthen your core business.

Until now, hair care products did not specifically address the effects of sebum (perspiration/salt) and loss of electrolytes on the hair and skin due to an athletic lifestyle. Created by professional hair stylists and tested with certified fitness trainers, the do. wetline is the first brand to deliver hair care products specifically formulated to remove salt without stripping the hair of its natural pH balance.

Additionally, do. makeup, skincare and blowout education will round out the products and services you can offer to your clients and staff to enhance your business.

Personal Hair Trainers

Continuing education plays a large role in the do. Products mission.

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ProSalon Distribution Group Continuing Education

Premiere Beauty Show

Orlando, FL
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do. more for your business.

ProSalon Distribution Group Continuing Education

America's Beauty Show

Chicago, IL
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do. Active Products Continuing Education

Extasy Hair Salon

Palos Hills, IL
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Strengthen your core business.

do. Active Products Continuing Education

Signature Hair Salon

Troy, IL
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